West Hills

This site explores surveyed and mapped walking routes from Portland to the Coast. The trails and the differing routes are broken into distinct segments and areas from which they originate. The initial portions of this trail system are located in Forest Park and to the area directly north of the park – extending all the way North to Rocky Point Road. These trails were amply described in my book, Portland Forest Hikes, published by Timber Press in 2007.

The Lower Columbia corridor focuses on those trails originating in the northwest corner of Multnomah County, Columbia County and the northern portions of Washington County – basically a swath of forested lands extending westwards along the top of Washington County from Scappoose, past Vernonia and the hamlets of Chapman Landing and Bacona to Highway 47.

2 Responses to West Hills

  1. Wm Petrie says:

    Bacona – Is there any written history of Bacona? If so, where might I find it? My GGGF Cyrus and GGF Grant Bacon were postmaters and GGF Grant Bacon worked at the lumber camp as well.

    • Jim says:

      Most of the information I found was gleaned from the stacks of the Washington County Historical Society, and from Tracking Down Oregon by Ralph Friedman. If you have family records or stories to share I would be very pleased to hear and/or share them. I haven’t really started the History and Flora & fauna tas on this site, although I’ve got quite a b information stashed for posting soon. That kind of information would be very welcome. Jim Thayer

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