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I have collected all the best trail descriptions (in .pdf format) and the associated maps for you to download – ready for printing and taking with you. Below find the list of trails for which I have compiled such a ready-to-print package.

Choose all the trails that you want and add them to your cart. When you’re done initiate the purchase transaction and wait for the downloads to appear on your end.

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Lower Salmonberry maps.

Upper Salmonberry maps.

Map 0: Location of all Trails.

Map 1: Sauvie Island

Map 2: Jackson Creek Trail

Map 3: Vedanta Society Retreat

Map 4: Gourlay Creek Grade-line Road

Map 5: Barrow Trail

Map 6: Buck Mountain/Pisgah Home Road

Map 7: CZ Trail

Map 8: Bunker Hill

Map 9: Banks-Vernonia Trail

Map 10: HoffMann Road via Bacona to Scappoose

Map 11: Salmonberry Trail – Manning to Walcott Tunnel

Map 12: Cape Horn Traverse

Map 13: Ridge Road to Walcott Tunnel

Map 14: Scofield Road to Walcott Tunnel

Map 15: Bloom Lake

Map 16: Rock Creek

Map 17: Steam Donkey Trail

Map 18: Timber Road to Camp Divide

Map 19: Gales Creek Loop

Map 20: Gravelle Brothers Trail

Map 21a: Roger’s Peak

Map 21b: Roger’s Peak

Map 22: Elk & Kings Mountain Loop

Map 23a: Upper Salmonberry Trail – Approach roads

Map 23b: Upper Salmonberry Trail

Map 24: Lower Salmonberry River Trail

Map 25: North Fork Salmonberry Trail

Map 26: Triple C Trail

Map 27: Four County Point Trail

Map 28: Saddle Mountain Ascent

Map 29: Humbug Mountain Ascent

Map 30: Ridge Runner’s Delight

Map 31: Complete Northern trail to Seaside

Map 32: Complete Southern Trail to Nehalem Bay

2 Responses to Buying Stuff!

  1. Bruce Rittenbach says:

    Hi Jim,
    Great website and effort for what you’re doing!
    I wanted to buy the pdfs but it appears that it wasn’t a secure treasaction. Is there a way to pay without risking my card? Send you a check or ??
    Also, do you have a list of the hikes you have gps tracks or routes of? How can I get them?

    Many thanks,

  2. Elizabeth Hall says:

    I have the same question as Bruce above. I would like to buy your upper and lower salmonberry maps but see that your website does not offer a secure transaction. Can I mail you a check instead or send payment through PayPal?
    Liz Hall

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