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  1. Jeff Eriksen says:

    Hi old neighbor. I have been recording older episodes of Oregon Field guide and last week saw your episode on the Pacific Greenway project. I commend you on this. Maybe we can get together sometime and catch up. I assume you can harvest my email address from this site. are you on Facebook?
    Warm regards,

  2. Ryan says:

    Hi Jim,

    I’m a stream ecologist out of Boulder, CO who’s coming out to Portland for a conference next month. I’m an enthusiastic backpacker who is looking to get a solid early season trip in. I have from Friday afternoon through Tuesday to spend, and was hoping to find some sort of trail or trail system where I could spend 3-4 nights out without getting back into a car.

    I’ve got a few friends from Oregon, and all of them respond with blank stares when I ask about the Coast Range. Your website seems to be about the only source I’ve come across for the Coast Range, and I was wondering if you could recommend a trip that would match what I’m seeking? This website is great, but there sure is a lot of stuff up and if you think there’d be something ideal for me to look further into, simply pointing me to the trail or destination would help immensely. I’m just looking to get out into the woods; I’m into botany and fly-fishing (the latter would be a bonus but not necessary).

    Anything immediately come to mind?


    • Jim says:

      I’d recommend going down the Salmonberry River. If you have two cars you can start at Cochran Pond and come out at the Foss Bridge, where the Salmonberry enters the Nehalem. Just follow the railroad.

      One car? Walk down “Ridge Runner’s Delight” described in the Saddle Mountain section. Follow the trail down to the Lewis & Clark Highway and then turn back and walk up the road heading SE at the bottom of the valley. Eventually you will cross the paved road that leads to Saddle Mountain itself. Walk south, or away from Saddle Mountain ascending the peak (Humbug Mtn) to the south of Saddle Mountain. Near the top is where you will have left your car, if you followed the beginning instructions for Ridge Runner’s delight.

      There’s lot’s more, like King’s and Elk Mountains – but you’ve got real peaks in Colorado. The Coast range is good for really getting back into the country far away from anyone, with huge vistas and forested mountains everywhere. Lot’s of elk, some bear and cougars, but none are really dangerous.

      Jim Thayer

  3. Celeste Thompson says:

    This is a great site! I’m going to bookmark it for my local hiking resource.

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