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Information about trails in the Salmonberry Corridor.

What’s up with building the Salmonberry Trail?

It’s been several months since I have posted any significant new additions to this site. The reason for my absence? I was totally engrossed in completing the manuscript for my next book, “Trails and Tails – Exploring Oregon’s North Coast … Continue reading

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Tales from the Salmonberry River

Tales from the Salmonberry River There is a 21-mile long canyon that cuts through the heart of the Oregon Coast Range from Washington County to Nehalem Bay. It is a wild and violent place where brutal storms, fresh off the … Continue reading

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The Wreck of the 104

About 46.5 miles out of Portland on the Sunset Highway (US 26) we reach an important junction on the way to the coast. Most people go flying by the rest area located there, unless the kiddies in the backseat are … Continue reading

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Hurting the earth as little as possible – in memory of Randy Hodges

In the 1998 edition of  The Pacific Crest Trail Hiker’s Handbook, Ray Jardine admonishes us that trail building should, “try to hurt the earth as little as possible”. The overriding objective should be to keep the wilderness experience as natural … Continue reading

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In the twilight of a late summer’s day.

September 25, the day before my birthday promised to be a lovely Indian summer day, and all the myriad domestic duties just couldn’t keep me out of the woods! It was late in the morning when I finally got off … Continue reading

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Roger’s Peak – hiking one of the North Coasts tallest peaks.

You know, I’ve got to stop doing this! I’m supposed to be completing my guide for the two overland routes from Portland to the Coast and focusing on filling in the detail on all the walks north and south of … Continue reading

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Skinnydipping in the Salmonberry

Yesterday I reconnoitered the western end of the Salmonberry River railroad corridor, which can be accessed by road from Elsie. For 12 miles this scenic back road (with vicious potholes at the southern end) follows the Nehalem River down to … Continue reading

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