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Love to spend time getting lost in the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest with Zoe, my Siberian Husky.

New Patreon site to showcase Pacific Northwest folklore

I’ve stated a new website to showcase the folklore I’m collecting about the Pacific Northwest. Continue reading

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It takes a Forest. Part 2

In The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben presents a multi-generational perspective on┬áthe “old” forests he manages in Germany. Much of the scientific inquiry that he conducted was done under the aegis of Aachen University (RWTH Aachen). In this book … Continue reading

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It takes a forest. Part 1

Mr. Wohlleben has been asking us to reconsider the true nature of trees. They’re more than just a source of building materials. They’re a community of beings that look after each other with all the tenderness and foresight we attribute to mammals. Continue reading

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December 2nd 2016 meeting of the Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency

Yes, it’s that time again – every two months the “STIA” meets to coordinate the progress on the development of the Salmonberry Trail. It was all so easy and romantic when it was just a few of us dreaming about … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

The Rendezvous: Every year Peter and Pam celebrate the cold damp miserableness of Oregon’s winter. It’s the kind of sloppy coldness for which Oregonians hold an especially sodden place in their hearts. When I arrive at the rendezvous and park … Continue reading

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The chaos at the end of Belding Road.

The Belding road is an old logging road that descends way down to the Salmonberry River. No one I know (and that includes forestry types) have been down this abandoned road that crosses back and forth for 11 miles as … Continue reading

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My book, “Hiking From Portland to the Coast” is now available!

Finally, after eight years of exploring the nearly impenetrable wilderness that stretches from Scappoose to the Coast, it’s finally done and I’m holding a finished book in my hands. Not content with the long dusty hikes, I also worked my … Continue reading

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North Fork of the Salmonberry – alternative access to the Salmonberry River

North Fork of the Salmonberry Trail Brief summary: This trail really goes to the heart of what led me to write this guide: the desire to find the truly beautiful places that exist way out beyond where most people will … Continue reading

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Please stay off the Salmonberry Trail until it’s safe! Other hikes include:

It’s great news that this historic trail is being built, and that we have two state agencies leading the charge to get this trail fixed up and repaired to the point that it can be safely used. For more information … Continue reading

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Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency – 3rd meeting

On August 5th, the agency that was created expressly to handle the development of the Salmonberry Trail met near the Blimp Hangers in Tillamook. This was its third meeting and the agenda was weighty enough that even those fat blimps … Continue reading

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