What the mushrooms think about “being late”.

The Indians claim that time flows differently on the reservation, for me it’s  true when I’m off the reservation. So this is a short piece on what the mushrooms think about “being late”:

And I’m stamping through the Douglas fir
in search of the tell-tale yellow chanterelles,
But they are buried deep and all I get
are earthy whiffs of mushroom smells.
Time ebbs and flows in the misty forest;
underground it answers to no one at all,
Stretching moments into eternities,
the earth breaths unhurried for one and all.


About Jim

Love to spend time getting lost in the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest with Zoe, my Siberian Husky.
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One Response to What the mushrooms think about “being late”.

  1. Brian says:

    Lots of Chanterelles these past few weeks. I’ve brought home a full backpack each time ive ridden my mountain bike.

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