My book, “Hiking From Portland to the Coast” is now available!

Finally, after eight years of exploring the nearly impenetrable wilderness that stretches from Scappoose to the Coast, it’s finally done and I’m holding a finished book in my hands. Not content with the long dusty hikes, I also worked my way through an immense collection of oral histories, old newspapers, railroad histories, logging chronicles and obscure newsletters to reprise 30 short stories that are offered alongside the 30 trails.

I tried to make this more than just a hiking book. Where other guides concentrate simply on the route itself, this book also presents a collection of stories connected to these lonely places, the histories of their early explorations, as well as the fading Indian heritage. I’ve presented each trail along with its backstory so that you can appreciate the unique qualities of these otherwise silent forests.

Besides, we all know about Oregon’s notorious weather, so some days are good for taking a long hike in our outback, but other days when the heaven’s are pouring down you can still enjoy this book. Light the fire and settle back to read the anecdotes that will just as effectively transport you to another time and place.

The marketing announcement from OSU Press gives details on you can purchase copies directly from OSU Press. Otherwise you can also buy from Powell’s Bookstore (or their on-line store), or Also keep you ears open for announcements here and elsewhere on readings that I have planned.

Here’s a link to where you can purchase it at Powell’s:


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Love to spend time getting lost in the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest with Zoe, my Siberian Husky.
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6 Responses to My book, “Hiking From Portland to the Coast” is now available!

  1. Tom says:

    I just got back from Powell’s, where I planned to buy your book. Thumbing through in the aisle, though, it is not apparent that you present a means of “Hiking from Portland to the Coast,” continuously. Am planning a 10-day adventure spanning March/April, solo, ultralight/primitive/LNT camping, no car support (start and end via public transport, possibly pushing/portaging a bike, but avoiding pavement as much as possible).

    Reading between lines, I gather there’s probably not a legal way to camp along the way on foot, with or without Weyerhaeuser permit. Appreciate any advice, private or here. Are permits transferable?

    • Jim says:

      Give me a call at 503-860-three-two-nine-seven. We can discuss it more easily in real time, plus i can give you a .GPX file that maps out both routes. Yes, I was not able to provide a continuous trail, because in some places it’s still a bushwhack, and in others its not officially accessible. Permits are not transferable.

      • Paul Tannahill says:

        Hi Jim – I just read your story of your trail work. Can you send me your GPX file? Thanks!

        • Jim says:

          There is a .gpx file for both the northern and southern routes available on the website under “Buying stuff”. Be aware that the complete route does pass through some private property so i cannot recommend you proceed with asking the local land owners permission, especially just past Vinemaple, where the route crosses the Lower Nehalem and abuts onto Tweedle Rd. I suspect the road that leads up to Boiler Ridge is a county road, but courtesy works much better than assuming you have a right to tramp across people’s front lawns…

    • Jonathan says:

      We were attempting a similar plan, following the PNR, but put it on the back burner after learning of possible impassible rivers/creeks. Also LW, LNT, possibly stealth, self-supported. Still looking for our route to the coast!

  2. Brian says:

    Hello Jim. First off, thank you for all of your inspiring work. I’d love to get a gpx file of your complete northern trail to seaside route. I’d be interested in both routes actually. I’m planning to fastpack the route all in one go, all on foot, self-supported in the next month or so. I tried using your ‘buying stuff’ page, but it doesn’t seem to be working and it’s also not a secure transaction. Is there any other way to get a gpx file? Thanks!

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